L.A.W.S., Washington, DC, 2015

What past participants have to say…

Q: What did you find most valuable about the event?

“Much of what the deans and admissions representatives had to say, both in the panel and in person, was actually wildly different from what I’d read on Top 14 law school admissions. Their insight really helped me to strategize for my upcoming application to law school within the next several years.”

“I thought the panel of admisisons deans was very useful. I find (other) events like this that just have booths for each school with no format or introduction to be very overwhelming, and I really appreciated the panel …the deans were honest and candid.”

“The panel itself was very insightful as to both the similarities between the various law schools’ admissions departments and what they look for in an applicant, and the differences. It helped to highlight different approaches to take regarding the application process, as well as to calm some nerves and fears about employment outlook, LSATs, and the dreaded online chat rooms.”

“Seeing a human side of the admissions process, and the general discussion of the value of a legal eduation in the future.”

“Hearing from admissions deans directly, and being able to talk with them after the panel and Q&A.”

“I really enjoyed the panel. Getting un-censored insight from deans was very helpful.”